The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Bino Prassa & Tom Gold (Tampa) 8/14/18


  1. Eyes by Razorblade Monalisa on Ignition/Fade
  2. 5000 by Horror Vacui on Return of the Empire
  3. Beasts by Sex Gang Children on Naked
  4. Moya by Southern Death Cult on Southern Death Cult
  5. Blue Water by Fields Of The Nephilim on Dawnrazor
  6. The Human Game 7" Version by Lisa Gerrard on Duality
  7. Into Black by Blouse on Blouse
  8. Where I Wait (feat. Dave Gahan) by Null + Void on Cryosleep
  9. Mindless (Accessory Remix) by State Of The Nation on Mindless
  10. Crash And Burn by Solitary Experiment on Crash And Burn
  11. Carousel by Razorblade Monalisa
  12. Paper Tigers by Chameleons UK on Script of the Bridge
  13. Spectres by Vertigo on Utopia