The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Gina Marie & DJ Mina (Houston) 8/21/18


  1. Poltergeist by Twisted Nerve on Dead Beat Tape Compilation
  2. Guessing Game by Temple Of Angels on Temple Of Angels EP
  3. Charming World by Riki on Hot City
  4. Todo El Caos Habita Aquí by Diavol Strain on Todo El Caos Habita Aquí
  5. Degenereted by Lux on Lux EP
  6. Magpie by Ötzi on Gosts
  7. Snakecharmer by iVardensphere on The Methuselah Tree
  8. Cage (Alex Zelenka Mix) by Blankshots
  9. Dazzle by Siouxsie & The Banshees on Hyæna
  10. Kasvetli Kutlama by She Past Away on Belirdi Gece
  11. Ritual & Tradition by Angels Of Liberty on Touch the Daemon
  12. Historias Del Oriente by Fatamorgana
  13. Tangled Web by Rubella Ballet on At Last It's Playtime
  14. Grey Filter by Ritual Veil on Wolf In The Night
  15. Junkies by Kommunity FK on Close One Sad Eye
  16. Sick Sad World by Rubble on We Will All Pay The Price For Their Insanity
  17. Cross Of Lorraine by Christ vs Warhol on Dissent
  18. Tragic Hero by Wynardtage on The Grey Line