Cock Rock BBQ #1


  1. Tornion Kevat by Bizarre Uproar on Rape Africa (Filth & Violence)
  2. Broken Legs, Broken Face, Blood Everywhere by Burmese on A Mere Shadow And Reminiscence Of Humanity (Tumult)
  3. Rumbala by Alberich on Psychology Of Love (Hospital Productions)
  4. The Ibis Of My Lost Soul (From Whence I Came) by Spear Of Longinus on Nazi Occult Metal (Satanic Skinhead Propaganda)
  5. Rape Kit by Couch Slut on My Life As A Woman (Handshake Inc.)
  6. Playa Hataz by Three 6 Mafia on Underground Vol. 1 (1991-1994)
  7. Tight Ass Bleeds by Billy Bao on Dialectics Of Shit (Parts Unknown Records)
  8. Big Bitch Cathy by Reverse Baptism on Street Business (Anabolic Dimensions)
  9. It's Over by Genocide Organ on Under - Kontrakt (Tesco Organisation)
  10. Playing With My Corpse by Atrax Morgue on Mechanic Asphyxia (Urashima)
  11. Loko 4 Real by Ten Wanted Men on Wanted: Dead Or Alive
  12. Go To Jail by Chief Keef on Almighty So Leftovers
  13. Body Betrays Itself by Pharmakon on Bestial Burden (Sacred Bones Records)
  14. Cortina by Victim! on Pupila (Seminal Records)
  15. Candyman by Nicole 12 & Taint on Candyman (Freak Animal Records)
  16. Lonely Lover by Haus Arafna on All I Can Give (Galakthorrö)
  17. Sex Offender Boyfriend by Consumer Electronics on Estuary English (Dirter Promotions)
  18. Robbers Pulse by Deterge on Feeding Its Young From Its Own Breast (Strange Rules)
  19. Saltpulse by Iron Fist Of The Sun on Who Will Help Me Wash My Right Hand (Cold Spring)
  20. Blood Of My Blood by Revenge on Attack.Blood.Revenge (Dark Horizon Records)