Chief Keef



Baystrife first played Who Would Ever Thought (feat. Future) at 6:42pm on Sunday 14th Dec, 2014.


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  • Wow...a whole year. Three Seasons deep. My heart is full. Today it's just laughs and rap tracks as we celebrate.

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  • Hey, howdy, hi! Today we're live and jiggy with Memphis producer/DJ, Qemist. It's living room vibes as we talk touring, techno, and nonsense in between. You…

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  • Trigger Warning:  Discussion of heavy mental health issues, violence, police brutality, and racially charged language. In the wake of The AstroWorld Tragedy, I decided to revisit…

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  • Impossible Objects

  • Impossible Objects

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Bad vibes; aural negativity in all its forms and functions


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