1. Agua y Puerta by Lechuga Zafiro on Testigo (N.A.A.F.I.)
  2. Niqab by Pascäal on Plastic (Ways Inner Pass)
  3. Who Goes There by The Field on Infinite Moment (Kompakt)
  4. Luna by doon kanda on Luna EP (Hypebdub)
  5. Flip U by Coucou Chloe on Erika Jane (NUXXE)
  6. How To Decode An Illusion by Caterina Barbieri on Born Again In The Voltage (Important Records)
  7. Arrive, Arrive by Ian William Graig on Slow Vessels (FatCat)
  8. 24-11-2016 by Vanessa Amara on Manos (Posh Isolation)
  9. carefree counter dronal by Autechre on NTS Session 1 (Warp)
  10. Willing To Be Open by Eli Keszler on Last Signs of Speed (Empty Editions)
  11. Lake by Elysia Crampton on Moth / Lake (Boomkat Editions)
  12. DAW in the Sky for Pigs by Lee Bannon on Patterns of Excel (Ninja Tune)
  13. Red Desert by Puce Mary on The Drought (PAN)
  14. As A Sea Creature Might Watch From An Aquarium by Cremation Lily on In England Now, Underwater (Alter)
  15. Tension In Three Stages (Drama) by Boli Group on N.P.D.S (Posh Isolation)
  16. Gloaming by Sarah Davachi on Gave In Rest (Ba Da Bing!)
  17. Behind Curtains by Lust For Youth on Growing Seeds (Sacred Bones)
  18. SsSs by SHXCXCHCXSH on SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs (Avian)
  19. Instant II by Second Woman on Instant / Apart (Tresor)
  20. Need You To Lift Me Up (Huerco S. Collage Mix nº2) by Shifra Rifka on Need You To Lift Me Up (VAA)
  21. A Body Turns To Eden by Body Sculptures on A Body Turns To Eden (Posh Isolation)
  22. backfire by Ssaliva on unplugged vol.1 (Jj funhouse)
  23. Polaroid by Leyland Kirby on SMM: Context (Ghostly International)
  24. Nave (Edit) by M. Geddes Gengras on Light Pipe (Room40)