clementine & new september pop tunes 01


  1. I Can't Wait by Smokescreens on Smokescreens (Meritorio)
  2. Shallow Water by Wild Nothing on Indigo (Captured Tracks)
  3. Destroy The Heart by Distant Creatures on Reverse Play: C86 re​(​dis​)​covered (fadeawayradiate)
  4. Party Girls Vs. The War Dept. by Ethers on Ethers (Trouble In Mind)
  5. We Can't Win by The Goon Sax on We're Not Talking (Chapter Music)
  6. Every Story Is A Ghost Story by The BV's (Cloudberry)
  7. Yesterday's Faces by Rays on You Can Get There From Here (Trouble In Mind)
  8. Rosemary by Nicholas Krgovich on Rosemary (Tin Angel)
  9. Qi Velocity by Peel Dream Magazine on Modern Meta Physic (Slumberland)
  10. Watermelon Sugar (Alcohol) by Sea Pinks on Rockpool Blue (CF)
  11. If you ain't got nothing to do (don't do it here) by The Wit (Self Released)
  12. Pristine Christine by Dayflower on Reverse Play: C86 re​(​dis​)​covered (fadeawayradiate)
  13. Going Down Swinging by The Radio Dept. on Going Down Swinging (Self Released)
  14. Brick Horizon by Woolen Men on Post (Dog's Table)