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DJ BAQVAS enjoys the art of curating music immensely and began radio DJ-ing over ten years ago. What can you find on their radio show, Fractal Chambers? Music made by local artists, artists from countries most wouldn’t think to look towards, and simply artists who are making music that stands out in a BIG way.

Think lo-fi alt rock from Afghanistan, rap from Pakistan, hard-hitting hip-hop from Iran, renegade queer alt rock from Lebanon, riot grrl from Chile, underground crooners from Mexico, post-punk from Japan…

Genre-wise, you can expect: varieties of rock, hiphop, and electronic music. Send me some of your music if it fits the bill: zuhajawad [at] gmail.


Recent Shows

Fractal Chambers 60 mins

Today's show is about showing solidarity with Ukrainian folks over the war they've been enduring for several months now. I curated this setlist as a reminder…

Fractal Chambers 60 mins

Today's show is all about possibilities and features a mix of alt rock + punk + pop + folk. It's also a reminder of... all of life's…

Fractal Chambers 60 mins

Fractal Chambers 60 mins

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