DJ BAQVAS (fka Crimewave)There are people that like music and then there are people that nerd out about music beyond most folks’ general capacity. Sometimes people ask if I’m friends with the artists that I’m spinning because I talk like I know them. I tell them, “No, but I know their music well enough!” Conversing about the choice tracks I drop is an incredibly empowering experience and I love the art and craft of it. In particular, being able to create sets in response to monumental events in real life -- politicizing radio djing -- makes it even more prevalent. In January 2011, I dove into college radio and DJ-ed at UC Davis’s KDVS 90.3 FM station till graduation, June 2014. After that stint, I moved back to the Bay Area and started having radio withdrawals. By January 2015, I was brought onboard at My show Fractal Chambers is on every other Saturday from 10am-11am. Why don’t you tune in?I enjoy DJ-ing tracks from subversive artists in countries most wouldn’t think to look to -- think lo-fi alt rock from Afghanistan, triphop from Pakistan, hard-hitting hip-hop from Iran, renegade alt rock from Lebanon, experimental rock from Chile, crooners from Mexico, punk rock from Syria. I love finding music made by musicians that are part of diaspora, repping local artists, and others who are making music that stands out in a big way. Genre-wise, I play garage rock, punk, post-punk, new wave, alt rock, hip hop, and electronic music like triphop, chillwave, witchouse and more.Follow me @Zuha_Wave or email me if you want to send music, zuhajawad [at] gmail.


Recent Broadcasts

Personal/Political with Baqvas


Today's set features fight songs -- tracks that make you feel your power, music that makes you feel the power in community. You could say today's set is revolutionary. Oh, and very punk. Today's music is made by artists from/diasporas of: the Philippines, Japan, Haiti, Kenya,… Read More →

Eclectic Joy with Baqvas


Today's show is an assortment of tracks, across genres, that I find bring joy and make one's heart full. Tracks are from the US, Egypt, Tunisia, and Pakistan.RZA Drops New Ep of Guided Meditation Tracks for CreativesMadlovely Bandcamp3Phaz BandcampNawel Ben Kraïem Live PerformanceNusrat Fateh Ali… Read More →