Rocky Chunes With Baqvas

Today's show is all about rock n roll! All sorts of subgenres, going from lighter tones to heavier tones. And music from the bay, all over the country, and abroad.

YouTube: Altın Gün's Rakıya Su Katamam

YouTube: Shenhai's Where Were You (When I Needed You)

YouTube: Rahill's I Smile For E

Soundcloud: October and the Eyes

Soundcloud: Mareux

Bandcamp: Forest Bees

Bandcamp: Maral

Bandcamp: Zohra

Bandcamp: Ellaments

Bandcamp: Oceanator

Bandcamp: Kapil Seshasayee


  1. Where Were You (When I Needed You) by Shenhai on Follow Me / Where Were You (When I Need You) (Deep Records)
  2. I Smile for E by Rahill on Flowers At Your Feet (Big Dada) New
  3. Long Long Long by Kate Davis on Fish Bowl (ANTI- Records) New
  4. Absolution by Forest Bees on Between The Lines (Self Released) New Local
  5. Rakıya Su Katamam by Altın Gün on Aşk (ATO Records) New
  6. Everybody, Marvel! by Deerhoof on Miracle-Level (Joyful Noise Recordings) New Local
  7. From the Van by Oceanator on Nothing's Ever Fine (Polyvinyl Record Company)
  8. Who Upset You? by October and The Eyes on Who Upset You? (KRO RECORDS)
  9. Avaz-e-Del by Maral on Ground Groove (LEAVING RECORDS)
  10. Saboteur by ellaments on Remedy | Saboteur (Self Released) New
  11. Life On Display by Waves Crashing on The Viewing [EP] (Audiomanic Records) New
  12. The Pink Mirror by Kapil Seshasayee on Laal (Self Released)
  13. Look for Love by Zohra on Murder in the Temple (American Dreams Records) New
  14. Lovers From The Past by Mareux on Lovers From The Past (Revolution Records) New
  15. Black Magick Drugs by Harglow on Harglow (Burning Witches Records)