First Show at ATA!


  1. C by Miho Nakayama on The Collection
  2. 曖昧マイラブ by Taeko Rei on Taeko
  3. Good-bye Eggman by Keiko Kimura 木村恵子 on Style
  4. 6 FOOTPRINTS by Yuki Okazaki on So Many Friends (Warner Bros. Records)
  5. エキゾチック横顔 by Hitomi on Next Door
  6. TOWN by Minako Yoshida (吉田美奈子) on MONSTERS IN TOWN (GT Music)
  7. Next Move by MIHO FUJIWARA (藤原美穂) on California Crisis (RCA)
  8. 乙女日和 by 水谷麻里 on 筒美京平
  9. Sparking Head by 桃井かおり on Show? (CBS/Sony ‎)
  10. Break
  11. Stay With Me by Miki Matsubara on The Premium Best Miki Matsubara
  12. Fly Day Chinatown by Yashu on Golden Best
  13. ラヴ・ビート3-3-7 by ゆう子 (Yuko Asano) on ベスト・ヒット (RCA)
  14. Free by Chakra on Satekoso
  15. Ride On Time by Tatsuro Yamashita on Ride On Time (Air Records)
  16. Dancing Tonight by Yurie Kokubu on Relief 72 Hours (Air)
  17. 20分40分天使がとんだ by Misako Tanaka on 夢売りのピエロ
  18. I'm A Girl James Dean by Itsumi Osawa on I'm A Girl James Dean (Single)
  19. Telephone Number by Junko Ohashi on Magical (Philips)
  20. This Is All I Have For You by Makoto Matsushita on First Light (Air Records)
  21. NO RETURN by Yoshiko Miyazaki on Mellow
  22. Today by Okumura Takako on Soleil
  23. Moon Drops by Candies