I could pass out and die on air any minute!

Just a fun show of music I like! I finally got my fav MASH album so we're listening too a lot of it!


  1. SEVEN DAYS JOURNEY by Itsumi Osawa (Teichiku Records)
  2. POREUS by MASH on MASH (Warner Bros. Records)
  3. All I Ever Need I Love by Hiromi Nakamura on 'S Wonderful (Invitation)
  4. Mizuiro no kagayaki by Hiromi Koide on I <3 EXCITING MIMI (King Record Co. Ltd)
  5. I'm in Love by Aru Takamura on Aru First (Invitation)
  6. Yūbae no hashi by Akiko Ikuina on Japanese Girl (Pony Canyon)
  7. MUNSTER MUNSTER by CHAKRA on Satekoso (Wax Records)
  8. O suki ni semete by Asami Kado on SEMINUDE (Union Records)
  9. Futari by Tatsuro Yamashita on For You (Air Records)
  10. Venus Calling by Cheebo on Paradise Lost (SMS Records)
  11. Love by Mash on Mash (Warner Bros. Records)
  12. O suki ni semete by Asami Kado on Semi Nude (Union Records)
  13. I'm In Love With You by Yuko Kanai on ecran (F-Label)
  14. Insomnia syndrome by Yuko Kawai on Insomnia syndrome
  15. Tokinonagare ni by Junko Yagami on JUNKO THE BEST (Discomate)
  16. Tell me goodbye by Jun Togawa on Suki Suki Daisuki (Alfa Records)
  17. Freezin Fish Under The Moonlight (Eatin' my backbone) by SUSAN on Do You Believe In Mazic (EPIC)
  18. Mysterious girl by Chiemi Manabe on Mysterious girl (CBS/Sony)
  19. adventure by kikuchi momoko on Adventure (VAP)
  20. Nan'yo de Yoisho by Chakra on Nan'yo de Yoisho
  21. Fushigi Liberty by Natsuki Ozawa
  22. WINDY SUMMER by Anri on Timely!! (For Life Records)
  23. MADE IN U.F.O. by Momoe Yamaguchi [山口百恵] on Golden Flight (CBS/Sony)
  24. Focus by Yellow Magic Orchestra on Naughty Boys (Alfa Music, Inc.)
  25. Natsuo no koibito Natsuko by Maiko Okamoto on FASCINATION (Victor)
  26. No Count by Maki Watase on No Count (Polydor)
  27. Whatever the Last Man in the World You Are by Variété on Location at Hollywood (Kitchen Records)