The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #135

Junglist algorithmic vibes in the haus - got some great new gear by Young Paint/Actress, Dust-e-1, Mall Grab, Peverelist and way more!


  1. Ai Paint by Young Paint on Young Paint (Werk_Ltd.)
  2. Sonic Sunset (Calm Mix) by Model 500 on Sonic Sunset (R&S)
  3. A-03 by AAR on FirstGrade (Visit
  4. Civilised Rhythm by Dust-e-1 on The Lost Dustplates EP (Visit
  5. Get Impetuous by Mall Grab on How The Dogs Chill, Vol.1 (Visit
  6. RIP (Remarc Remix) by Remarc on Sound Murderer (Planet Mu)
  7. Butt by W00DY on Relentless Kickdrum (Visit
  8. Results Vary Across Studies by Daniel M Karlsson on Fleeting Pleasures (Visit
  9. Trying To Unpatch by Ribé on Harmonic Rain EP (Visit
  10. 0017AA by PLOM on AA0017 (Visit
  11. FF0003 by EXM-MITOMA on FF0000 (Visit
  12. Verbose by Jeswa on Skone (Visit
  13. Kat Paint by Young Paint on Young Paint (Werk_Ltd.)
  14. RUE by Jock Club on MYSTERIOUS RUINS (Visit
  15. Left Hand by Peverelist on IDLE050 (Idle Hands)
  16. DS Track by Jon Fay on Planet NYNEX (Visit
  17. Neutral Paint by Young Paint on Young Paint (Werk_Ltd.)
  18. Acid Ghetto by Lauren Flax on Dance Trax Vol.16 (Visit
  19. Heat 3 by Shinichi Atobe on Heat (DDS)
  20. A Side by Rough Anderson on Pelvis (Visit