The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #135

Junglist algorithmic vibes in the haus - got some great new gear by Young Paint/Actress, Dust-e-1, Mall Grab, Peverelist and way more!


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  1. Ai Paint by Young Paint on Young Paint (Werk_Ltd.) $ Buy
  2. Sonic Sunset (Calm Mix) by Model 500 on Sonic Sunset (R&S) $ Buy
  3. A-03 by AAR on FirstGrade (Visit $ Buy
  4. Civilised Rhythm by Dust-e-1 on The Lost Dustplates EP (Visit $ Buy
  5. Get Impetuous by Mall Grab on How The Dogs Chill, Vol.1 (Visit $ Buy
  6. RIP (Remarc Remix) by Remarc on Sound Murderer (Planet Mu) $ Buy
  7. Butt by W00DY on Relentless Kickdrum (Visit $ Buy
  8. Results Vary Across Studies by Daniel M Karlsson on Fleeting Pleasures (Visit $ Buy
  9. Trying To Unpatch by Ribé on Harmonic Rain EP (Visit $ Buy
  10. 0017AA by PLOM on AA0017 (Visit $ Buy
  11. FF0003 by EXM-MITOMA on FF0000 (Visit $ Buy
  12. Verbose by Jeswa on Skone (Visit $ Buy
  13. Kat Paint by Young Paint on Young Paint (Werk_Ltd.) $ Buy
  14. RUE by Jock Club on MYSTERIOUS RUINS (Visit $ Buy
  15. Left Hand by Peverelist on IDLE050 (Idle Hands) $ Buy
  16. DS Track by Jon Fay on Planet NYNEX (Visit $ Buy
  17. Neutral Paint by Young Paint on Young Paint (Werk_Ltd.) $ Buy
  18. Acid Ghetto by Lauren Flax on Dance Trax Vol.16 (Visit $ Buy
  19. Heat 3 by Shinichi Atobe on Heat (DDS) $ Buy
  20. A Side by Rough Anderson on Pelvis (Visit $ Buy