It's a thing


  1. Dagoba System by Wounded Lion on s/t (In The Red Recordings)
  2. Janitors by The Intellegence on Live In San Francisco (Castle Face Records)
  3. Sparky's Dream by Teenage Fanclub on Grand Prix (Geffen Records)
  4. Uncommon Weather (demo) by The Reds, Pinks & Purples on demo (s/r)
  5. Opulent Eyes by Casual Dolphins on Lazy Circles (20 Sided Records)
  6. asunder by palomas on demo (s/r)
  7. Leisure Boy by Friendless Summer on No Bad Days (s/r)
  8. Craziest Treats by Wistappear on Knack For Whatever (s/r)
  9. The Shit by FNU Clone on Binary or Die (Total Punk)
  10. Putrid by Institute on Subordination (Deranged Records)
  11. Black Semen by The Minneapolis Uranium Club on Human Exploration (Static Shock Records)
  12. Blue Ocean by Blue Ocean on Blue Ocean demo (s/r)
  13. green sunset/ out of the car by blue ocean on blue ocean demo (s/r)
  14. Cement Surfboard by Sic Alps on Napa Asylum (Drag City)
  15. By My Side by The Spaceshits on Winter Dance Party (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
  16. A Flower In The Ending by The Hunches on Hobo Sunrise (In The Red Recordings)
  17. Chains of Love by The Dirtbombs on Ultraglide In Black (In The Red)
  18. Brazillian Boogie Boss 1978-1984 by Lincoln Olivetti on Brazillian Boogie Boss 1978-1984
  19. You Killed A Boy For Me by Henry's Dress on s/t (Slumberland)
  20. Starting Over by LSD and the Search for God on LSD And The Search For God (Mind Expansion)
  21. My Pal K by Lavender Blush on Part Time Punks Session (s/r)
  22. The Breakup by Fleeting Joys on Despondent Transponder (Only Forever Recordings)
  23. Playboys by The Deadly Snakes on Ode To Joy (In The Red Recordings)
  24. Nothing's Changed by Jay Som / Justus Proffit on Nothing's Changed (Polyvinyl)
  25. Basis Key by Motoko & Myers on Basis Key (Open Hand Real Flames)
  26. Rich Man's Dreams by Neo Boys on Sooner or Later (K)
  27. Doubles by New Blood on The Secret Life (Kill Rock Stars)
  28. Forever by Moonbeams on Forever (Blue Aurora Audio)
  29. Secrets by My Red Dress on 2 6 13 (Blue Aurora Audio)
  30. Spit Tastes Like Metal by AIDS Wolf on The Lovvers LP (Skin Graft Records)
  31. Banana Ghost by Man Man on Six Demon Bag (Free News Projects)
  32. The Last Trains Come and Gone by Cindy Lee on Act of Tenderness (CCQSK)