Ep.28 10.07.18 (Witch House)


  1. Frost by Salem on King Night (IAMSOUND Records)
  2. Seaww by oOoOO (Emotion)
  3. Ritualz by Ritualz on Ghetto Ass Witch (626215 Records DK)
  4. Big Boy by Balam Acab on See Birds (Tri Angle Records)
  5. Halo by Balam Acab on Halo (Balam Acab)
  6. Seance Infernale by Mater Suspiria Vision on Seduction of the Armageddon Witches (Mishka Records)
  7. Fineshine by Purity Ring on Shrines (4AD Ltd)
  8. Stay Ugly by Crim3s on Stay Ugly EP (Crim3s)
  9. We Rot by White Ring on Black Earth That Made Me (Rocket Girl)
  10. Storm Column by Gatekeeper on Giza (Merok Records)
  11. Dozhd by Jekka (Music Development Russia)
  12. Delirium by CHVRN on Delirium (CHVRN)
  13. Still Goin by Crim3s on Still Goin (Crim3s)
  14. lxC999 by White Ring on Black Earth That Made Me (Rocket Girl)
  15. A Screw (Holy Money) by ∆AIMON on Amen (Tundra Dubs)
  16. A T4le On 5tone by ValHall on Ravens & Gh0sts (Valhall)
  17. Springsummer of Fog by Summer of Haze on Holy Heavenh-D (Hyperboloid Records OOO)
  18. Courtship Dating by Crystal Castles on Crystal Castles (Lies Records)
  19. Nod by ///'Horse MacGyver\ on lsvolt (Robot Elephant Records)
  20. Elixir by Okkvlt KAtt on Elixir (Okkvlt KAtt)
  21. The Black Mass of Ronald McDonald - El Vacio by Nurgul Jones on El Vacio and Dada Grung & Essene FUnk (Illuminated Paths)
  22. Clochi by M△S▴C△RA on Occult Box (Deluxe Edition) (Cleopatra Records)
  23. Melatonin by MELLOW GRAVE on SMOKE FILLED THE ROOM, WE SLEPT (Cobraside)
  24. I Am One by powwowW on Split EP (Tundra Dubs)
  25. Better Off Alone by Salem on I'm Still in the Night (IAMSOUND Records)