Most recently, Key Party played First Punk Wars by Iron Curtain on Thursday 1st Feb, 2024.

On has played Cobraside releases from artists such as Iron Curtain, Los Belmonts, Swervedriver, The Slackers, MELLOW GRAVE.


Check out these shows on, showcasing music from Cobraside!

Synths, surf rock, garage, punk, noise, psych, hip-hop, a little bit of soul, trip-hop and music from other decades.

A music and DIY culture show committed to reminding everyone of their awkward ska phase

Music playing inside the haunted space age bachelor pads from your dreams. Experimental/industrial/psychedelia/krautrock/goth/lounge/occult/weird shit.

a collection of songs to make you feel in the know

Opened with guitars & ended in things that bleep; new music in the fine tradition of British evening sessions.

Themed playlists that make you feel things.

When the covid cvlt calls you, stay calm and speak gently for proper recruitment.

From Detroit Techno to UK Grime, from IDM to Drum & Bass, Acid House to 2-Step Garage.