Episode 20: I'm back!

I'm finally back after my surgery! Today we are just going to play some fun stuff. City pop, psychedelic, etc etc ... enjoy!


  1. Wakaretemo by Keiko Saijo on Keiko no ki mo shiranaide (Columbia)
  2. The Lost Mother Land (Part 1) by Apryl Fool on Apryl Fool (Columbia)
  3. Love by Mash on Mash (Warner Bros. Records)
  4. MUNSTER MUNSTER by Chakra on Satekoso (Wax Records)
  5. Bomber by Tatsuro Yamashita on Go Ahead! (Air Records)
  6. In Your Lovin' by Junko Ohashi on Magical (Phillips)
  7. Break
  8. Like the puppet by Shiho on ECSTASIA (Interface)
  9. Soleil by 岡村孝子 Okamura Takako on SOLEIL (Fun House)
  10. Colored Music by Colored Music on Colored Music (Better Days)
  11. Anzio by Hide and Rosanna on Italian Holiday (Columbia)
  12. Love Generation by The Jacks on Vacant World (Express)
  13. Borero ENDLESS by Misako Tanaka on Yumeuri no piero (King Records)
  14. Spring Mon Amour by Miki Fujimura on Dream Lover (Japan Records)
  15. 陽だまり by So Nice on Love (JET SET)
  16. I Was Chosen by Aunt Sally on Aunt Sally (Vanity Records)
  17. Spring Mon Amour by Miki Fujimura on Darling Lover (Japan Records)
  18. Ongaku by Yellow Magic Orchestra on Naughty Boys (ALFA)
  19. Supaidaisakusen by Ippu-Do on Radio Fantasy (Epic)
  20. Until Prism Rain by Natsuki Ozawa on Idol · Miracle Bible Series Ozawa Natsuki
  21. Nagisa's SHA LA LA by Michiyo Azusa on Nagisa's SHA LA LA (King Records)
  22. Décadence 120 by Miharu Koshi on Parallélisme (ALFA)
  23. Lov - Tomodomine by Hitomi Ishikawa on Campus Live (Pony Canyon)
  24. A wild rose by Simmons on Golden Best (RCA)
  25. The duet of love by Cherish on II album (VICTOR)
  26. Sound of a dream by Asami Kado on La Fleur Bleue (Eastworld)
  27. Ashita o mitsumete by Mieko Hirota on Hit Album (Toshiba Records)
  28. Greasy Heart by Yuya Uchida & The Flowers on Challenge (Columbia)
  29. Inside Looking Out by The Mops on Monster A Go-Go: Teen Trash Psychadelic Tokyo '66-'69 Volume One (Planet X)
  30. Rock by Hajime Tachibana on Mr. Techie & Miss Kipple (Yen Records)
  31. Can't Sleep by Starbow on Starbow I (Vivid Sound Corporation)