Tuff Signals 196


  1. Fruit by Pill on Soft Hell (Mexican Summer)
  2. Water Over Sex by Lala Lala on The Lamb (Hardly Art Records)
  3. Mercy by Hooveriii on Hooveriii (Self Released)
  4. New Age by Vintage Crop on New Age (Anti Fade)
  5. On The Run by The Mandates on Dead in the Face (Self Released)
  6. 00100 by Phono Pony on Monkey Paw (Self Released)
  7. Salvation by The Berries on Start All Over Again (Run for Cover)
  8. Salt by Idle Bloom on Flood the Dial (Budding Romance)
  9. Oil and Water by Swearin on Fall Into The Sun (Merge Records)
  10. Lighthouse by Katie Ellen on Still Life EP (Lauren Records)
  11. Talking to Myself by Prude Boys on Talking to Myself b/w Couldn't Wait (Self Released)
  12. Dime a Dozen by Cold Beaches on Stay Here (Self Released)
  13. It's All Gonna Be OK by Ron Gallo on It's All Gonna Be Ok (New West Records)
  14. Out and Down by Straight Arrows on ON TOP! (Rice Is Nice Records)
  15. Oh Helen by TERRY on I'm Terry (Self Released)
  16. Bay of Pigs by Des Demonas on Bay Of Pigs EP (Slovenly)
  17. Tarantula by Sharif's Ego (self released)
  18. Living In Excellence by Constant Mongrel on Living In Excellence (Self Released)
  19. 7am by Les Lullies on 7am EP (Slovenly)
  20. Early Retirement by Gino and the Goons on She Was Crushed EP (Anti Fade)
  21. Pleasure by Civic on Those Who No EP (Anti Face)
  22. Soberviviendome by Deshuciados on Deshuciados (Slovenly)
  23. Wrong Crowd by The Stools on Milk River Blues EP (What's for Breakfast)
  24. Too Close by Color TV on Color TV (Deranged Records)
  25. I Need a Torch by Night Birds on Roll Credits (Far Wreck Chords)
  26. Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie by Ruler (Secret Mission Records)
  27. Happy Receiver by Mayya on Magic Happens (Self Released)
  28. Burn Out For Love by The Caveman on Burn Out For Love (Dirty Water Records)
  29. Pink Water by Snacks on Snacks (Burger Records)
  30. Back To The City by Gringo Star on Back to the City (Nevado)
  31. Gladly by The Babe Rainbow on Double Rainbow (30th Century Records)
  32. Shadowline by Woolen Men on Post (Log Lady Records)
  33. It's You by Jollys on Cosmic Heels (Salty Dog Records)
  34. Wear Black by Death Valley Girls on Darkness Rains (Suicide Squeeze)
  35. I'll Never Be by Chemtrails on Cuckoo Spit EP (Self Released)
  36. No Vacancy by Bleach Party on NOLA (Self Released)
  37. The Incident by Blizzard Babies on Missing Time (Self Released)