FEB 5 2015


  1. Wormhole by Barrows on Red Giant (unk)
  2. Clapper by Alarmist on unk (unk)
  3. Bond by LITE on Past, Present, Future (Keep It Together Records)
  4. halls of the summer by caspian on waking season (unk)
  5. Veil of the Phoenix by Glaciers on Mirrored Through the Ancients
  6. Verses by Russian Circles on Station (Sargent House)
  7. The Battle To Heaven by Mono on Hymn to the Immortal Wind (unk)
  8. Fanshawe by El Ten Eleven on El Ten Eleven (unk)
  9. The World Outside by Maserati on Inventions for the New Season (unk)
  10. Sultans of El Sur by The Mercury Program on A Data Learn The Language (Tigerstyle)
  11. Into Days & Nights & Years & Months by A. Armada on Anam Cara (unk)
  12. Andrea Loves Horses by Ghosts And Vodka on Addicts And Drunks (Sixgunlover)
  13. Love Is In Beauty and Chaos by This Patch of Sky on s/t (Self)
  14. What We Loved Was Not Enough by Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra on Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything (Constellation)
  15. Untitled by Sigur Ros on Untitled (unk)
  16. Grace Descending by God Is An Astronaut on All is Violent, All is Bright (Rocket Girl)