Sargent House



Most recently, The Infinite Kaleidoscope played American Darkness by Chelsea Wolfe on Thursday 3rd Nov, 2022.

On has played Sargent House releases from artists such as Chelsea Wolfe, Emma Ruth Rundle, Deafheaven, Tera Melos, Russian Circles, The Armed, Lingua Ignota.


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Synths, surf rock, garage, punk, noise, psych, hip-hop, a little bit of soul, trip-hop and music from other decades.

Post-Rock, Math-Rock, .... mostly instrumental - none of that verse/chorus stuff

Coastal curated jams from the west & midwest. New garage, indie, punk & whatever else we feel like throwin' down.

a rad catalog of alt, punk, emo, hardcore, acoustic, and doom presented by Twin Peaks Sessions