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Twin Shrieks Radio is the loud outlet of Twin Peaks Sessions (those stripped down acoustic sessions filmed atop a rooftop in San Francisco). Twin Shrieks Radio brings out all the amps, distortion, and neighbor-free shrieking, loud drumming is even encouraged! We dive deep into the underground of the DIY scene, talking up Bay Area locals and welcoming in touring acts across the globe. You'll open up a vast catalog of discovery within alternative, punk, emo, hardcore and doomy rock (don't worry we will still play some acoustic relaxing jams, maybe). Hosted by Twin Peak Mike, @scrawnzz. Happy shrieking!

Heavy Rotation

  • Tuesday 10:00am – 12:00pm


  • That thing happened where we get all of our music statistics for the year!!! Some audio is copy cut and pasted from my Sp*tify Wrapped episode…

    120 mins

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    120 mins

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  • ITS DARK OUT! Cover by Parannoul

    120 mins

  • Title says it all. Doom n gloom in the Fall. We will always remember the band Strange Ranger (episode cover). Limited shriek merch leftover on Bandcamp…

    120 mins

  • ITS THAT DAY! Happy Halloween, all these songs treats (and covers!)

    120 mins

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