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Returning from his deep space mission to Kepler Eriandi, Steve Foxx finds his nation in shambles and in the hands of fascists. Assembling a team of rock and roll heavy hitters; he pledged to the free peoples of America to broadcast freedom, information and rock music until his dying breath. And now, in this new republic, he pushes the boundaries of music, liberty and hard banging rock.

Heavy Rotation

  • Saturday 7:00 – 8:00am


  • Yeah yeah, I know it’s almost officially Summer. But our brains need to be tuned to November. To making sure we don’t lose this Republic to…

    60 mins

  • We will not, babies, not take another step backwards against the crazies, the nuts, the MAGA world loons who want to send us back to the…

    60 mins

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  • SCOTUS's upcoming ruling string down ROE will push half of this nation into a backwards, women hating posture that's sure to kill a lot of Americans.

    60 mins

  • That’s about the size of it. We’ll discuss. And rock. -Foxx

    60 mins

  • While Foxx is on holiday with family Foxx, listen to this great archived rerun!

    60 mins

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