Steve Foxx


A 90's rising entertainment personality, Steve Foxx was devoid of a moral compass, but had a strong sense of country. Volunteering for a N.A.S.A. deep space hibernation mission. Crashing after takeoff, Foxx's hyper V craft was thought lost, until now...


An eclectic collection of Rock from Heavy to Avant Garde Experimental awash in a soup of destiny.

Recent Shows

Foxx is back this week, LIVE from the Ferry Building in SF. Rock and Revolution for your earholes as we begin to emerge from the pandemic.

WTFU! 60 mins

As we keep moving forward, let us reflect on what happened a mere three months ago. Insurrection. Foxx will be back with a brand new WTFU…

WTFU! 60 mins

We must go big. The fifteen dollar and hour minimum wage won't be included in the Covid Relief bill, but we must not quit. Too much…

WTFU! 60 mins

On the one hand we have within our grasp the means to end this pandemic. If everyone commits to vaccination and following CDC guidelines. We are…

WTFU! 60 mins

Blog Posts

SFBAM Magazine: The Nerv 'Trust in Fire'

Steve Foxx reviews The Nerv's "Trust in Fire" for SFBAM Magazine: "Maybe you’re not old enough to remember the good ole days of Northern California Hardcore, or maybe you can’t remember it from all the cracked 40’s and cross tops you ingested..." Read More →