Steve Foxx


A 90's rising entertainment personality, Steve Foxx was devoid of a moral compass, but had a strong sense of country. Volunteering for a N.A.S.A. deep space hibernation mission. Crashing after takeoff, Foxx's hyper V craft was thought lost, until now...


An eclectic collection of Rock from Heavy to Avant Garde Experimental awash in a soup of destiny.

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In this repeat from January, we looked at the new administration. Foxx is live next week spreading the gospel of Rock and democratic republics. —- Feeling…

WTFU! 60 mins

January 6th was an insurrection. There was no election fraud. These two facts are in opposition to the cult that has risen from the ashes of…

WTFU! 60 mins

We sit at the edge of important change in this nation. Change that will mean racial, economic, social and climate justice for the American people. But…

WTFU! 60 mins

Let’s create change. President Biden laid out ambitious plans to lead the nation through the next part of this century. The American Jobs Plan The George…

WTFU! 60 mins

Blog Posts

SFBAM Magazine: The Nerv 'Trust in Fire'

Steve Foxx reviews The Nerv's "Trust in Fire" for SFBAM Magazine: "Maybe you’re not old enough to remember the good ole days of Northern California Hardcore, or maybe you can’t remember it from all the cracked 40’s and cross tops you ingested..." Read More →