Episode 266 - Patriots

What is patriotism? Sure, sure, love of country…blah blah blah. But you don’t want platitudes, you want realz.

Let’s explore and take in the rock.



  1. Dirty White Boy by Foreigner on Head Games (Atlantic)
  2. Jesus Built My Hotrod by Ministry on Psalm 69 (Sire)
  3. Running by Pearl Jam (Monkeywrench) New
  4. Mental Hopscotch by Missing Persons on Best of Missing Persons (Capitol)
  5. Riboflavin-Flavored Non-Carbonated Polyunsaturated Blood by 45 Grave on Sleep In Safety (Enigma)
  6. True Love True Confession by The Babys on Union Jacks (Chrysalis)
  7. Clones (We’re All) by Alice Cooper on Flush the Fashion (Warner)
  8. The Globe by Big Audio Dynamite on The Globe (Columbia)
  9. Porpoise Song by The Monkees on Head Motion Picture Soundtrack (Rhino)
  10. Love Like Blood by Killing Joke on Night Time (Virgin) New
  11. I Hate My Job (Take One) by Butthole Surfers (Butthole Surfers) New
  12. Let the Day Begin by The Call on Let the Day Begin (Geffen)
  13. Denis by Blondie (Chrysalis)