Mike Donnelly


The "frontman" of Twin Peaks Sessions, I am a New Jersey born grunge kid turned Bay Area scene bean. Building community within safe spaces is what I strive for, and I firmly believe you can turn anything into a DIY music venue.


Recent Broadcasts

EP. 35: Lost in the woods


I like to get good and lost in these woods... OOO for a few days, can't even listen to my own dang show!Bandcamp exclusive from Feeling Old (Seattle)FOLLOW THE HERDDDD@twinshrieks radio@twinpeakssessions music@scrawnzz  personal .. anyone even read this lol.  Read More →

EP. 33: Under Cover


All covers all day. Support the newest Bay Area fundraiser comp -- Can't Be In Vain! All proceeds go towards LGBTQ Freedom Fund. On Bandcamp for donation and streaming everywhere! My band Vacation from Myself covered Husker Du! @twinshrieks@twinpeakssessions Read More →