Mike Donnelly


The "frontman" of Twin Peaks Sessions, I am a New Jersey born grunge kid turned Bay Area scene bean. Building community within safe spaces is what I strive for, and I firmly believe you can turn anything into a DIY music venue.


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Back from a crappy week off, was hit by the vid and now I hit you with the void -- it's the gamer's worst nightmare episode.

Twin Shrieks Radio 120 mins

Joined by folk punker Gil from Ghost in the Willow (PHX AZ) to discuss their upcoming EP, dropping singles over the coarse of a pandemic ridden…

Twin Shrieks Radio 120 mins

Favorites of 2021 -- Viagra Boys, shoegazey space rock hits from trauma ray, 7-11 Jesus, Dosser and other tracks from some of my fav records/EPs (Petey,…

Twin Shrieks Radio

We've arrived to the week of Christmas 2021, we complete this year's edition of the ugly sweaters playlist - holiday adjacent alternative songs you will not…

Twin Shrieks Radio

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