Episode 268 - Signal VS Noise

It’s a better show that the new Kong VS Godzilla movie. Or is Kong and Godzilla together again? I don’t know. What I’m sayin’ is that you have all this noise out there in the world, with Speaker Mike’s Johnson and Cult 45 having a hoe down (ho down?) at the Orange shitheel’s retirement home the other day. That is NOISE. Signal? That’s simple, babies. Register to vote, Gather friends and neighbors, have them do the same then bury Cult 45 and Trumpism in a landslide.

FOXX’ s signal comin at ya!



  1. Raise Your Hands by Born Jovi on Slippery When Wet (Mercury)
  2. Slave to the Grind by Skid Row on Slave to the Grind (Atlantic)
  3. Foolin’ by Def Leppard on Pyromania (Mercury)
  4. Zoo Station by U2 on Achtung Baby (Island)
  5. Repeater by Fugazi on Repeater (Dischord)
  6. Running by Pearl Jam on Running (Monkeywrench) New
  7. You Know You’re Right by Nirvana on Nirvana (UMG)
  8. Dream Weaver by Gary Wright on The Dream Weaver (Warner Bros.)
  9. Lonely Boy by Andrew Gold on What's Wrong WIth This Picture? (Asylum)
  10. Cherry Red by The Groundhogs on Christ for the Ground hogs (Fire)
  11. Glass Eye by Metz on Up On Gravity Hill (Sub Pop) New
  12. Damaged Goods by Gang of Four on Entertainment! (Warner Bros)
  13. The Last in Line by Dio on The Last in Line (Warner)