The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ DJ Unseelie & DJ Aesthetic (Atlanta) 10/23/18


  1. Lenore by Strap On Halo on The Dead Don't Lie
  2. No One by Them Are Us Too on Amends
  3. Was Is Will Be by Black Arcade
  4. Nida by Lux Interna on there is light in the body, there is blood in the sun
  5. In Eternal Return by Zanias on To the Core EP
  6. Accidents Of Gesture by Rome on Flowers From Exile
  7. Ophelia by The Tear Garden on Tired Eyes Slowly Burning
  8. Life (Purity Ring Mix) by Health on Death Magic
  9. Yr Body Is Nothing by Boy Harsher on Yr Body Is Nothing
  10. When Is The Future by VNV Nation on Noire
  11. Sunset (The Death Of Thumbelina) by Current 93 on Black Ships Eat The Sky
  12. The Dreamer Is Still Asleep by Coil on Musick to Play in the Dark Vol. 1