Oct 20


  1. Space Oddity by Chris Hadfield on Space Sessions: Songs From a Tin Can (Warner)
  2. Bitter by Palace on Bitter (Beatnik Collective)
  3. Zombie Love by Freedom Fry on Yeah You (Self Released)
  4. Falling Short by Låpsley on Long Way Home (XL Recordings)
  5. You're The Friend I Need by Lo-Fang on You're The Friend I Need (Self Released)
  6. And Then by James Tillman on Shangri La EP (Self Released)
  7. Walk Away by Buzzy Lee on Facepaint (Future Classic)
  8. Apartment Fire by Moon King on Apartment Fire (Arbutus Records, Inc.)
  9. All to Myself by Amber Coffman on City of No Reply (Columbia)
  10. Nont for Sale by Sudan Archives on Sink (Stones Throw)
  11. More of the Same by Caroline Rose on LONER (New West Records)
  12. Leatherjacket by K. Skelton on Leatherjacket (Ghost Dog)
  13. Worry by Jack Garratt on Phase (Island)
  14. Oblivion by The Seshen on The Seshen (Self Released)