Abuela's Pantry #86 C00L WORLD's Kelsey Styles does Halloween

Space Abuela is out of town so C00L WORLD's Kelsey Styles is here to spook you with some frightening fun and actually terrifying music.


  1. Creature Feature by Meatbodies on ALICE (In The Red)
  2. Organ Trumpet Tower by Ariel Pink & R. Stevie Moore on Ku Klux Glam (Spunky Monkey Music)
  3. Zombies by The King Khan & BBQ Show on What's For Dinner? (In The Red)
  4. The Cult Song by Shannon and the Clams on Sleep Talk (1-2-3-4-GO!)
  5. Ghost Ghost by Jacuzzi Boys on Single 'N' Stuff: 2007 - 2011 (MAG MAG)
  6. Flying Saucer Safari by Suburban Lawns on Suburban Lawns (Futurismo)
  7. Carrie by French Vanilla on French Vanilla (Self Released)
  8. Boneyard by Nobunny on Love Visions (Almost Ready Records)
  9. Halloween by Aqua on Aquarius (Universal Music)
  10. Dracula's Wedding (feat Kelis) by OutKast, Kelis on Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (Arista Records Inc.)
  11. Midnite Cobras by Tonstartssbandht on An When (Does Are)
  12. 666 by ShitKid on ShitKid EP (PNKSLM)
  13. lonely boy goes to a rave by Teen Suicide on dc snuff film (Run For Cover Records)
  14. Breakfast Is Over by SadGirl on Vol. One (Hard Feelings Records)
  15. My Body's a Zombie for You by Dead Man's Bones on Dead Man's Bones (ANTI-)
  16. Sur la planche 2013 by La Femme on Psycho Tropical Berlin (Disque Pointu)
  17. Hellhole by No Joy on Creep - EP (Grey Market)
  18. Sleeping Beauty by Night Things on Sleeping Beauty (Self Released)
  19. Don't Die by Dreamspook on King in the Folly Keep (Self Released)
  20. No More Blood by O Future on Disco to Die For (Fake Diamond Records)
  21. Detroit by Disasterpiece on It Follows Soundtrack (Weinstein Co.)
  22. Lips to Void by Mica Levi on Under The Skin (Rough Trade)
  23. The Twilight Zone - Trevor Jackson Edit by Rusty Egan on Metal Dance 2 (Strut)
  24. Fainting Spells by Crystal Castles on (II) (Polydor Ltd.)
  25. Stay Ugly by Crim3s on Stay Ugly EP (Crim3s)
  26. Proto by Prince Innocence on Lapse - EP (Josh McIntyre & Talvi Faustman)
  27. Nightcall by Kavinsky on Nightcall (Record Makers)
  28. The Nightshift by Symmetry on Themes For An Imaginary Film (Italians Do It Better)
  29. Real Recognize Fake by Sewn Leather on Freak on Hashish / Longboarding Is A Crime (Hundebiss)
  30. I'm Food for You by Pankow on Throw out Rite (Artoffact)
  31. Forever by Sidewalks and Skeletons on This Is Your Escape (Self Released)
  32. Cloud Generating by Acteurs on Acteurs (Public Information)
  33. lxC999 by White Ring on Black Earth That Made Me (Rocket Girl)
  34. Desire by Modern Witch on Love/Desire (Tundra Dubs)
  35. Roses by White Ring (Emotion)
  36. I Am One by powwowW on Split EP (Tundra Dubs)
  37. Brick by (Sandy) Alex G on Rocket (Domino)