cheetle radio 11.2.18... red lips, red teeth


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  1. getting creepy by locus pocus on locus pocus (self) $ Buy
  2. unionize by cool ghouls on gord's horse (melodic records) $ Buy
  3. Good lovin' by Ryan Wong on More Milk (empty cellar records) $ Buy
  4. what is coming by pat thomas on i ain't buyin' it (empty cellar records) $ Buy
  5. incendiary procession by mondo drag on the occultation of light (RidingEasy records) $ Buy
  6. loose ends by the spiral electric on ask the sky (innerlight records) $ Buy
  7. little love by Moon Daze on Moon Daze - EP (self) $ Buy
  8. don't step by doncat on preservation of the spirit (marble eye music) $ Buy
  9. the thick red line by greg ashley on fiction is non-fiction (Dusty Medical Records) $ Buy
  10. getting loose by dick stusso on in heaven (sub pop) $ Buy
  11. go home by bear call on anything's better than failing (Resurrection Records) $ Buy
  12. emotion by curls on vante (urban scandal records) $ Buy
  13. Break
  14. pink thoughts by topographies on pink thoughts (pink thoughts) $ Buy
  15. Break
  16. blume by the peacers on introducing the crimsmen (drag city) $ Buy
  17. are you an optimist by kelley stoltz on natural causes (banana & louie records) $ Buy
  18. fool 2 play by friendless summer on no bad days (grabbing clouds records & tapes) $ Buy
  19. alright by spooky mansion on alright (602506 Records DK2) $ Buy
  20. too dumb to cum by yogurt brain on vol. 3: revenge of the boloney fairy (orifice dorm) $ Buy
  21. teen missing by mall walk on mall walk EP (vacant stare) $ Buy
  22. hot lava by bAd bAd on the strange land / bad bad split (grabbing clouds) $ Buy
  23. out in the night by useless eaters on Bleeding Moon (self) $ Buy
  24. RNRFON by Tense Men on Where Dull Care is Forgotten (faux discs) $ Buy
  25. Blind Owl Speaks by Natural Child (n/a) $ Buy
  26. puppet on a string by night beats on night beats (burger records) $ Buy
  27. whitest boys on the beach by fat white family on songs for our mothers (without consent) $ Buy