A Thick Mist (November 12, 2018)

I'm back! Again. I fucked up my back by sitting around all day a few weeks ago and couldn't stand or walk or anything.

But hey there's new Jute Gyte! New Ragana! New Jasmine Guffond! New Inexorum! New Caretaker! New Embassador Dulgoon!

There's also a new pressing of the Jonestown massacre released by TPOS and I've heard it a bunch of times and I know how harrowing it is but every time I hear it it's like I'm hearing it for the first time and I just get fucking devastated all over again. So I thought it would be ok to play that during a normal (i.e. non-Halloween/horror) episode but that might have been a mistake. So for those of you not looking to totally ruin your day, skip from about 00:30 to 01:00. However, it does go perfectly alongside the newest Caretaker release. And the Fear Falls Burning/Sunn O))) pairing is pretty excellent as well.


  1. Driving Saw Logs On The Plover by Pierre La Dieu on Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard (Tompkins Square)
  2. The Norms That Author The Self Render The Self Substitutable by Jute Gyte on Oviri (Jeshimoth Entertainment)
  3. Tangtakore by Unknown Pushtu musicians on Folk Music Of Pakistan (Folkways)
  4. You’ve Got To Stop Drinking Shine by Gid Tanner on Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard (Tompkins Square)
  5. Climbing The Golden Stairs by Happy Hour on Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard (Tompkins Square)
  6. Sudden Time Regression Into Isolation by The Caretaker on Everywhere At The End Of Time - Stage 5 (History Always Favours The Winners)
  7. Side B by Reverend Jim Jones on Last Sermon At The Peoples Temple, Jonestown Guyana 11/19/78 (TPOS)
  8. Triassic Persuasion / Daedalean Escapades by Embassador Dulgoon on Hydrorion Remnants (Nonlocal Research ‎/ Psychic Sounds)
  9. Inviolate by Ragana on Let Our Names Be Forgotten (An Out)
  10. Unknown Serbian, Grecian, Turkish, Armenian, Jordanian, & Syrian musicians by C1-C3 on Folk Instruments Of The World (Follett Publishing Company)
  11. Part II by Jasmine Guffond on Degradation Loops (Karlrecords)
  12. Secret Society Drums by Unknown Bini (Southern Nigeria) musicians on African Music (Folkways)
  13. Side C (excerpt) by Maurice Evans, Lucile Watson, & Margaret Webster (Director) on The Importance Of Being Earnest (Continental)
  14. Kentucky Holiness Singers by I'm On My Way on Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard (Tompkins Square)
  15. bassAliens by Sunn O))) on White 2 (Southern Lord)
  16. I’m One Of Those Monsters... by Fear Falls Burning on I’m One Of Those Monsters Numb With Grace (Equation)
  17. Break
  18. Let Pain Be Your Guide by Inexorum on Lore Of The Lakes (Gilead Media)