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  1. Bright Blue Day Haze by Mystic Braves on Desert Island (mystic braves) $ Buy
  2. lorelei by white fence on lorelei (drag city ) $ Buy
  3. Her Cold Cold Heart by Night Beats on Myth of a Man (heavenly records) $ Buy
  4. Comanche Moon by The Black Angels on Death Song (Partisan) $ Buy
  5. double world by the wytches on double world (heavenly) $ Buy
  6. the apparition by flat worms on the apparition / melt the arms (Famous Class Records) $ Buy
  7. castle of faith by POW! on crack an egg (castle face) $ Buy
  8. the bloom by lumerians on the high frontier (Partisan Records) $ Buy
  9. without you by the creation factory on the creation factory (lolipop) $ Buy
  10. cut me down by the ar-kaics on in this time (Daptone Records) $ Buy
  11. wishing well by the everywhers on dignity fever (the everywhers) $ Buy
  12. owsley by frankie and the witch fingers on brain telephone (permanent records) $ Buy
  13. beaumont by faux ferocious on cloning the rubicon (striped light) $ Buy
  14. secret enchanted broccoli forest by the babe rainbow on secret enchanted broccoli forest (-) $ Buy
  15. tick tock by japanese television on japanese television (tip top records) $ Buy
  16. last day on earth by rats on rafts on some velvet morning / last day on earth (fire records) $ Buy
  17. how was i supposed to know by holy wave on adult fear (reverberation appreciation society) $ Buy
  18. witch stomp by guantanamo baywatch on desert center (suicide squeeze records) $ Buy
  19. plain to see by levitation room on ethos (burger) $ Buy
  20. Space Cadet by The Murlocs on Loopholes (Flightless) $ Buy
  21. unionize by cool ghouls on gord's horse (cool ghouls) $ Buy
  22. jack the maggot by fuzz on II (in the red) $ Buy
  23. gyre by meatbodies on alice (in the red) $ Buy
  24. lonely eyes by the spyrals on the spyrals (inside the moon) $ Buy
  25. dead weight by CFM on dichotomy desaturated (in the red) $ Buy
  26. bo's veranda by morphine on b-sides and otherwise (Rykodisc) $ Buy