1. Nose Grows Some by Thom Yorke on Tomorrow's Modern Boxes (Independent)
  2. Charlev by Oliver Coates on Shelley's on Zenn-La (RVNG Intl.)
  3. Body by Julia Jacklin on Body (Polyvinyl)
  4. Smile by Jungle on Forever (XL Recordings)
  5. Real Outside by Drinks on Hippo Lite (Drag City 2018)
  6. Woman Yeah by The Gonks on Astral Daze, Vol 2 (Fontana)
  7. Jessica WJ by Cayucas on Jessica WJ (Park The Van Records)
  8. The Magic by Nico Yaryan on What A Tease (Partisan Records)
  9. New Moon by Steve Gunn on New Moon (Matador)
  10. Queen of My School by Lemon Twigs on Go To School (4AD)
  11. Cease and Desist by Mike Krol on Trust Fund (Counter Counter Culture)
  12. Wait No Longer by Vertical Scratchers on Daughter Of Everything (Merge Records)
  13. Mute by Club Night on Mute/Trance (Tiny Engines)
  14. Let's Talk About Girls by Chocolate Watchband on I'm Not Like Everybody Else (Re-Recorded) (Purple Pyramid Records)
  15. Gods Of The Good Shir by Facing New York on Gods Of The Good Shit (Nice Life)
  16. As The Fog Lifts by Unconditional Arms on Never Unrequited (Jeffery Wright)
  17. All Is Well by Down and Outlaws on Bad Radio (A Diamond Heart)
  18. Hey Bay by Alvie & The Breakfast Pigs on Indian Rug Burn (Alvie & The Breakfast Pigs)
  19. T.V. In Jail on Mars by Death Valley Girls on Darkness Rains (Suicide Squeeze Records)
  20. Good At Bein' Bad by gymshorts on knock knock (Sarah Greenwell)
  21. Manila Ice by Eyedress on Manila Ice (Lex)
  22. Bad Thoughts by The Skyflakes on Sinag Sining (OohYou)
  23. Ramen Waitress by High Sunn on Hopeless Romantic EP (PNKSLM Records)
  24. Clock Spell by Lumerians on Call Of The Void (fuzz club)
  25. zionic mud by jjuujjuu on zionic mud (dine alone music)
  26. Ocean Death by Baths on Ocean Death (Anticon)
  27. A Fan by Jonathan Someting on Outlandish Poetica (Solitare Records)