November 26, 2018

Had a lot of fun with this one. Starting around the half hour mark, everything is pretty much layered on top of each other for a smooth continuous mix (sans talk breaks).


  1. The Blackhawk Waltz by Bob Arbuckle, Verner Mikkelson, & N. Roy Clifton on Old Time Couple Dances (Folkways)
  2. Ecstasy Of Unbecoming by Sumac on Love In Shadow (Thrill Jockey)
  3. Cher Ami Ma Vie Est Ruini (Dear Friend My Life Is Ruined) by Delma Lachney on On The Waters Edge (Mississippi)
  4. Untitled (B1) by Taos Pueblo Singers on Round Dance Songs Of Taos Pueblo, Volume One (Indian House)
  5. Musica Funebre Per Orchestra (Gyászzene Zenekarra / Funeral Music For Orchestra) by István Láng on Laudate Hominem Cantata / Chamber Cantata / Musica Funebre / Monodia Per Clarinetto Solo / Quartetto D'archi No. 2 (Contemporary Hungarian Music)
  6. Parts 1-3 by Alessandro Cortini & Lawrence English on Immediate Horizon (Important)
  7. Flowing Light Of The Godhead by Jozef Van Wisser & Jim Jarmusch on The Mystery Of Heaven (Sacred Bones)
  8. The Serenity Of Nothingness by Cultes Des Ghoules on Sinister, Or Treading The Darker Paths (Hells Headbangers)
  9. Ring Road by Locrian on Territories (At War With False Noise ‎/ Basses Frequences ‎/ BloodLust! ‎/ Small Doses)
  10. Deep Voices / Deep Breating by n/a on Deep Voices: The Second Whale Record (Capitol)
  11. Die Erde Und Ich Sind Eins by Florian Fricke on Die Erde Und Ich Sind Eins (Wah Wah)
  12. Chaoskompf by Usnea on Usnea (Orca Wolf)
  13. Trial By Fire by Peter Marshall on Peter Marshall Speaks (Word)
  14. Stop At Red by Final on Reading All The Right Signals Wrong (No Quarter)