Van Jams: Motor On


  1. Cold Cafe by Karen Marks on Sky Girl (Donna)
  2. Contigo by May East on Happy Valentines (beep boop)
  3. Komya Hondo by Boncana Maiga on Hunchin All Night (I wanna hunch)
  4. Eyon Elhoor by Ahmed Fakroun on Kalemat Hoob (sounds of the night)
  5. Tudo Em Cima by Leila Pinheiro, Tunai on Leila Pinheiro (unknown)
  6. Squids can Fly by Zerox Dreamflesh on Oz Waves (unknown)
  7. The White Shadow by Prism on The Original Masters (Masters)
  8. Sage Comme Une image by Lio on Sage comme une image (como)
  9. Tout le monde samuse by agathe, regrets on au top des annees (u/k)
  10. It Cost's to be Austere by Crash Course in Science on Near Marineland (u/k)
  11. Rocket USA by Suicide on Suicide (self released)
  12. Dance Bodies by Mason on Dance Bodies (unknown)
  13. White Night by The Lines on Memory Span (u/n)
  14. New York by Swell Maps on Jane from Occupied Europe (u/k)
  15. Ex Lion Tamber by Wire on Pink Flag (U/K)
  16. Electric Heat by Visitors on DIY (U/K)
  17. Kill the Enemy by Michael Yonkers Band on Microminiture Love (U/K)
  18. Don't Try to Cure Yourself by They Must Be Russians on Don't Try to Cure Yourself (U/K)
  19. Floor by P Model on Another Game (U/K)
  20. Looking for You by Nino Ferrer on Nino and Radiah (U/K)
  21. Daddy Cool by Sten and Stanley on something unpronouncable (u/k)
  22. High Pressure Days by The Units on High Pressure Days (u/K)
  23. Interlock by Glass Domain on Glass Domain (U/K)
  24. There's No End to Our Love by The Leprechaun on Private Wax (U/K)
  25. Dance with Me by Peter Brown on This is Disco! (U/K)
  26. Dance of Love by Calvin Johnson on Seafaring Strangers (the CAlvin Johnson?)
  27. Falling in Love by Surface on G.I. Disco (u/k)
  28. I'm In Love by Yam Who? on Horse Meat Disco (u/k)