The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #143

Winter Solstice edition - Kindohm, Farmersmanual, Drexciya, Seagrave records, Calum Gunn, Christoph de Babalon and more!


  1. d-code by Kindohm on Mesabi Range (Visit
  2. zitt (Test Code For The Measurement Of Airborne Noise) by calimba de luna on Test codes for the measurement of airborne noise (Visit
  3. biomagic i by farmersmanual on no backup | backup (Visit
  4. Andreaen Sand Dunes by Drexciya on Neptune's Lair (Tresor)
  5. Illusion by Optic on Welcome To Paradise Vol. III: Italian Dream House 90-94 (Safe Trip)
  6. Sex In Zero Gravity (mixed by eddie eddie flashin fowlkes) by The Martian on Red Planet (Red Planet)
  7. I Got That Touch (feat. Sensational) by Graham Dunning on Looks Like Teeth (Visit
  8. GDC 6 by SOLO1 on Looks Like Teeth (Visit
  9. Threye by Christ. on Cottage Industries 8 (Visit
  10. What Otters by Perko on NV Auto (Visit
  11. Invariant by Calum Gunn on KRX Album (Visit
  12. Multiplier by Lack on Cong Burn 04 (Visit
  13. Wip Acid (Vip Mix) by Hikaru Tsunematsu on SECRET RAVE 04 (Visit
  14. Loki the Cat by Solotape on Looks Like Teeth (Visit
  15. Operate by Voytek on SECRET RAVE 04 (Visit
  16. Gigi by Roza Terenzi on Mwah EP (Visit
  17. Omega Quest by Ludwig A.F. Röhrscheid on Xhale EP (Visit
  18. A Demon Of Rebellion by Mrs. Dink on CODE013 (Visit
  19. 7h3f7 - سرقت by Miri Kat on Pursuit - تلاش (Visit
  20. 2amv6 by Digital Selves
  21. Kirchengänger by Christoph de Babalon on Exquisite Angst
  22. ALL NIGHT I CARPENTER by Felicia Atkinson / Jefre Cantu-Ledesma on Limpid As The Solitudes (Visit