cheetle radio 1.4.19...w/SPECIAL GUEST Casey, a true modern witch!

hello, cheetle!

happppiiiiii new year. on tonight's show the cheetles welcome special guest, Casey--a real badass witchy woman who's set on building community for other magical babes. woot! she's the creator of wanderer's tarot, a "feminist tarot deck for the modern witch" and co-host of the 'modern witches confluence' of 2018 and is ready to chat us about energy/archetypes for 2019. 

Casey offers readings and tarot consultations throughout the Bay Area, including the Scarlet Sage every Monday from 4 - 7pm. go on and get read!

eat some newt's foot, sip some brew, and get ready to twinkle your toes at some fresh tunes from shannon shaw and LA witch, as well as spell-binding oldies from the likes of paul mccartney, t. rex, and bowie. also lots more. 

xo, the cheetles