clementine & rainy day tunes + upcoming gigs — 06


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  1. Heaven's Blade by Heaven's Blade on Tape (Smoking Room) $ Buy
  2. December (Get to You) by The Love-Birds on In the Lover's Corner (Trouble in Mind) $ Buy
  3. For Yourself by Michael O. on Power's Out (Self Released) $ Buy
  4. Pink Thoughts by Topographies on Pink Thoughts (Self Released) $ Buy
  5. Rainy Day Loop by SALES on Forever & Ever (United Record Pressing) $ Buy
  6. Hide and Seek by Crabber on Bluesbusters (Jigsaw) $ Buy
  7. Smoov by Heaven's Blade on Tape (Smoking Room) $ Buy
  8. Come Over by Foliage on III (Self Released) $ Buy
  9. You Be the Judge by The Creation Factory on The Creation Factory (Lolipop) $ Buy
  10. Flinch Awake by Provoker on Dark Angel (Life Sucker Productions) $ Buy
  11. What's It All For by Business of Dreams on Business of Dreams (Slumberland) $ Buy
  12. Say, Can You Hear by Men I Trust on Say, Can You Hear (Self Released) $ Buy