Ep 59: “elusive but always welcome”

Jonathan Richman,  who is playing a benefit for Greenaction Monday January 14 at 315 Sutter Street.

Episode title is from "Winter Sun" by Mayya & the Revolutionary Hell Yeah.

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  1. That Summer Feeling by Jonathan Richman on I, Jonathan (Rounder)
  2. Lube Boys by Naked Roommate on Naked Roommate (Self Released)
  3. Speed by Part/Human (Death Records)
  4. Puular Punk by Stratocastors on Living Under The Johnny Vacances
  5. Scuse Me by Dingbat Superminx on Public Luxury
  6. Fire by Brent Penny on Power of Love benefit comp (Power of Love)
  7. Ultra Pink by Nadine on Oh My (Father/Daughter Records)
  8. full moon by idhaz on Drink the Wind (true indigo)
  9. Walls into Ways by Little Teeth on Split w/ Snow Caps
  10. I'm Lost in Germany by Blues Lawyer on Guess Work (Vacant Stare)
  11. Again by the Love-Birds on In the Lover's Corner (Trouble in Mind)
  12. Keep The Blues Away by Business of Dreams on Ripe for Anarchy (Slumberland)
  13. Light Bulb Boy by Zelma Stone (Honey House)
  14. Light Bulb Boy by Zelma Stone (Honey House)
  15. Light Bulb Boy by Zelma Stone (Honey House)
  16. weird dreams by Mae Powell on sunny ep (Mae Powell)
  17. Winter Sun by Mayya & the Revolutionary Hell Yeah on Open Minds Open Minds
  18. Icarus by Moon Daze on EP
  19. Coffee & Tea by Christopher Owens on Chrissybaby Forever (Urban Scandal)
  20. Uptown by April Magazine on demo
  21. Turn It Down by Tomorrow's Tulips on Harnessed To Flesh (Burger Records)
  22. Perfect by AhMerAhSu on Star
  23. Your Room by Thriftys on Automatic Thought (Self-Released)
  24. Body Vehicle by Provoker on Dark Angel (Life Sucker)
  25. Limitless by Versoul on Soulrise
  26. Falcon by Super Unison on Stella (Deathwish)
  27. Syrup by Pllush on Stranger to the Pain (Father/ Daughter)
  28. Up from Below by Remember Sports on Slow Buzz (Father/Daughter Records)
  29. Best Friends by the Total Bettys on This is Paradise
  30. Young Minded by Same Girls on Young Minded (TextMe Records)
  31. Yr Town by boy romeo on Shorts EP
  32. Corazon de Poeta by Panaderia on Jeanette EP (Burger Records)
  33. Itching by Try the Pie on Domestication
  34. Waiting on the Sun by Eve's Peach on Climbing Bittersweet
  35. Janey by Preschool