Ep 58: "blue polka dot cd"

Kamikaze Palmtree, playing Bottom of the Hill Sunday January 13. Photo by Myron @fungipower

Episode title is from the Margalee song "Madonna."


  1. Madonna by Margalee
  2. Scuse Me by Dingbat Superminx on Public Luxury
  3. Brighton Beach by Cindy on Cindy
  4. LRH by Jonathan Deathrich on Homeward Path
  5. Waiting on the Sun by Eve's Peach on Climbing Bittersweet
  6. Spoil Me by Bobbi Rohs (textme records)
  7. Brick by Lower Self on Lower Self
  8. Heathers by Kokomo Hum (self)
  9. On and Off by Goth Dad on Fade
  10. Boy Afraid by Banzai Cliff on Hypothetical Love (Tank Beach Tapes)
  11. Hey Fucko by Kamikaze Palmtreee on The Ocean is the Final Solution
  12. End by Kamikaze Palm Tree on The Ocean is the Final Solution
  13. Josephine by Dirt Buyer
  14. i want to break my back by Peony Rad on Peony Rad (Coppermouth Records)
  15. Abq, NM by Yoy on Who R U?
  16. Leave Here Unknown by Thriftys on Automatic Thought
  17. Flying Monkeys by Jay Stone on Calibration of An Altered Mind
  18. No Fun by Anna Hillburg on Really Real
  19. What's Your Secret - Cleo by Bart & The Bedazzled on Blue Motel
  20. Corazon de Poeta by Panaderia on Jeanette EP (Burger Records)
  21. 80ft me by Tony Jay
  22. Headache by American Grandma on Nine of Swords
  23. Apricots by Diet Cig on Sweat I'm Good At This (Frenchkiss)
  24. Heartache by the She's on All Female Rock n Roll Quartet (Empty Cellar)
  25. Roman Figure by Topographies
  26. Boy Bruise by Rose Droll on Your Dog (Father/Daughter Records)
  27. Signal Dreams by Small Crush on Blush
  28. Sleep Scared by The Brankas on My Parkour Body Is The Paint And The World Is My Canvas. I Don't See Obstacles, I See Opportunities. (SNAFU family)
  29. The Thick Red Line by Greg Ashley on Fiction is Non-fiction
  30. Beach Sleeper by Desiree Cannon on Beach Sleeper
  31. How the West Was Won by John Vanderslice on Dagger Beach (Tiny Telephone)
  32. Shakedown Street by Grateful Dead on Shakedown Street (Warner)