cheetle radio 2.1.19...rainy and rowdy

hello, cheelte.

it's pouring and our fur is sopping wet. yik. let's crank up the heat and the guitars and pretend it's finnnnne.


the cheetles


  1. miss alissa by eagles of death metal on Peace Love Death Metal (AntAcidAudio)
  2. i never wanted love by shannon and the clams on onion (easy eye sound)
  3. Living with a Creature by Acid Dad (Greenway Records)
  4. Gelatinous Cube by Thee Oh Sees on A Weird Exits (Castle Face)
  5. crybaby by Destroy Boys on Make Room (Uncool)
  6. i hate the rich by the dills on class war (dionysus)
  7. Animal Party by The King Khan & BBQ Show on Invisible Girl (in the red)
  8. shanalala by white denim on shanalala/ NY Money (city slang)
  9. they dated steadily by mink mussel creek on Mink Mussel Manticore (spinning top records)
  10. little lady by the walking who on Candy Flu (self released)
  11. of dreams by morgen on morgen (ODL)
  12. i wear black by ty segall, mikal cronin on reverse shark attack (in the red)
  13. motorbike by flat worms on flat worms (castle face)
  14. all i want by dirty fences on to high to kross (volcom entertainment)
  15. it's not easy by ofege on try and love (G & M)
  16. forge your own chains by d.r. hooker on the truth (subliminal sounds)
  17. erotique by the rebels of tijuana on asile (echo orange)
  18. in the city by anika on anika (stones throw)
  19. keep it heavy by creme soda on tricky zingers (SC2)
  20. fool like me by king khan and the shrines on three hairs and you're mine (earnest jenning)
  21. pollution rise by red belmont on into my own (burger)
  22. smell of incense by the west coast pop art experimental on vol. 2 (reprise records)
  23. happy deathday by ron gallo on stardust birthday party (new west records)
  24. i had too much to dream by the electric prunes on i had too much to dream (last night) (warner bros)
  25. price progress by faux ferocious (burger)