DREAMS | Mark Farina, LP, Beck

✨💤🌙Cruise with me like Mr. Sandman in your dreams through this reverie-inspiring, eclectic playlist, as we enjoy music alongside stories and radical ideas about lucid dreaming, famous scientists who have literally dreamed their solutions, a sleepwalking murder, dream yoga, and much more...

🎙️💿🎶 The playlist is a mix of older tracks, all the way back to 1950's songs, but also Sugarhill Gang hip hop, Arctic Monkeys, Jamie Jones on Hot Creations "Sound of Music", you're gonna love it

Do you have dream stories, facts, or songs for a future dream episode? hit me up at mzprizm@gmail.com! 🌈xx


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  1. Chordettes by The Chordettes on They're Riding High, Says Archie (Barnaby)
  2. Can't Stop My Dreaming by Jono Ma, Dreems on The Dreems (Single) (Kompakt)
  3. Dream Machine - Downtempo Mix by Mark Farina on Hotel Costes 8 (Pschent Music)
  4. Dreamin' by Chali 2na on Instrumentality EP (Westwood Recordings)
  5. Dreaming by High Hoops on Seasons on Planet Earth (A Label Called Success)
  6. Dreamcatcher by LP on Heart to Mouth (LP / BMG / Vagrant Records)
  7. Dreams by Fleetwood Mac on Rumors (Super Deluxe) (Warner Bros. Records Inc.)
  8. I Had The Craziest Dream by Bob Dorough on Devil May Care (BMG Rights Management)
  9. Visionary by Maya Jane Coles on Waves & Whirlwinds (I Am Me Recordings)
  10. Sleepwalking by Elderbrook on Old Friend EP (Parlophone Records Ltd, A Warner Music Group Company)
  11. Alaska (Tycho Remix) by Maggie Rogers, Tycho (Debay Sounds LLC, Captiol Records)
  12. Peter Pan (feat. Bobby Blackbird) - Equiknoxx Music Remix by Arcade Fire (Arcade Fire under license to Sony)
  13. Insomniac Olympics by Blockhead on Music By Cavelight (Ninja Tune)
  14. All I Have To Do Is Dream by The Everly Brothers on The Very Best of the Everly Brothers (Rhino Entertainment)
  15. It's Like A Dream Sometimes by Sugarhill on Jump On It! (Rhino Entertainment)
  16. These Dreams by Heart on Heart (Capitol Records, LLC)
  17. The River of Dreams by Billy Joel on River of Dreams (Sony Music Entertainment)
  18. Dream Weaver by Gary Wright on The Dream Weaver (Warner Bros.)
  19. Dreamer by Auntie Flo on Theory of Flo (Huntleys + Palmers)
  20. Sound Of Music by Jamie Jones, Nookie, Katy B on Kooky Music EP (Hot Creations)
  21. Dreams by Beck on Colors (Fonograf/Capitol Records under license to UMG,)
  22. Dream On by Aerosmith on Aerosmith (Columbia, a division of Sony)