Punch Up with Baqvas

Punching up with lots of music by badass women (mostly woc, per usual) & female-fronted bands -- going for some chill/sad/angry gurl vibes. 

The Tuts turned down representing UK in Eurovision as it’s being hosted in Israel

Saraswathi Jones - "Hey Duniya"

Mini Dresses' Heaven Sent

Kohinoorgasm's Chalo EP

Diaspoura's Traumaporn + Diaspoura's Patreon


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  1. Money Don't Grow on Trees by Sneaks on Highway Hypnosis (Merge Records) $ Buy
  2. Another Day by Kohinoorgasm on Chalo EP (Self Released) $ Buy
  3. Automatic by Diaspoura on Traumaporn (Self Released) $ Buy
  4. Break
  5. Fuk It Up by LIP TALK on DAYS (Northern Spy) $ Buy
  6. Waiting for You by Kohinoorgasm on Chalo EP (Self Released) $ Buy
  7. Breathe by Hajk on Drama (Jansen Records) $ Buy
  8. Hey Duniya by Saraswathi Jones on Single (Self Released) $ Buy
  9. Rank & File by Mini Dresses on Heaven Sent (Joy Void Records) $ Buy
  10. Pretty by Girlpool on What Chaos is Imaginary (ANTI‐) $ Buy
  11. Close to Your Ego by Pavo Pavo on Mystery Hour (Bella Union) $ Buy
  12. Self Explained by Cherry Glazerr on Stuffed & Ready (Secretly Canadian ) $ Buy
  13. Always Hear the Same Shit by The Tuts on Update Your Brain (Dovetown Records) $ Buy
  14. Give Us Something Worth Voting For by The Tuts on Update Your Brain (Dovetown Records) $ Buy