Feb 9, 2019: DFA Music Showcase on 'Mai + Charlie'


  1. Love Stops Here by The Juan Maclean on In A Dream (DFA Records)
  2. Soft As Rain by Dan Bodan on Soft (DFA Records)
  3. Compass Point by Holy Ghost! on Crime Cutz (DFA Records)
  4. Kids In A Coma by Eric Copeland on Black Bubblegum (DFA Records)
  5. Lights Out (Orphx Remix) by Essaie Pas (DFA Records)
  6. Boy Trouble by Benoit & Sergio (DFA Records)
  7. TWO DIFFERENT WAYS (SECOND WAY) by Factory Floor (DFA Records)
  8. The Girl With Better Clothes by Crooked Man on Crooked Man (DFA Records)
  9. Dancing in the Dark (Springsteen cover) by Hot Chip (DFA Records)
  10. Reign by Prinzhorn Dance School on Home Economics (DFA Records)
  11. Smiling Off (DFA Remix) by Black Dice (DFA Records)
  12. Emily by Shocking Pinks on Shocking Pinks (DFA Records)
  13. Someone Great by LCD Soundsystem on Sound of Silver (DFA Records)
  14. Nothing I Wanna Do by Lace Curtain on Lace Curtain (DFA Records)
  15. Is There No End by Shit Robot on What Follows (DFA Records)
  16. Warm Spell (Larry Gus Remix) by Sinkane on Mars, deluxe edition (DFA Records)
  17. Fog Of Sex (N.S.I.S.) (Feat. Meg Remy / U.S. Girls) by Slim Twig (DFA Records)
  18. Tripped and Fell in Love by YACHT on Shangri-La (DFA Records)
  19. I Try To Talk To You by Hercules & Love affair feat. John Grant (DFA Records)
  20. A Set Of Replies by Larry Gus on I Need New Eyes (DFA Records)
  21. Snake Bite by Jee Day (DFA Records)
  22. Glimpse Of Hope by Nils Bech on Echo EP (DFA Records)
  23. Warm Spell (Larry Gus remix) by Sinkane on MARS (Deluxe Edition) (DFA Records)