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Currently there is no Charlie.

Musical Variety Show: Last Saturday of the Month is dedicated to music from modern Iceland (primarily electronic and indie rock). Other Saturdays are filled with various guests/themes. Past guests include: Modern Geoff, Dan Strachota, Chirp, Joe Veix, Chris Baum, Will Craven, Thao Nguyen and Charlie Quinn, past themes: SF Int'l Film Fest, War/Memorial Day, Nic Cage, Monsters of Art Rock Tour 1987, Asian Women, Rickshaw Stop Anniversary, 1990s Bay Area and New Zealand. You might like Mai + Charlie if you like the following bands or are interested in modern Icelandic electronic or indie rock music:

Heavy Rotation

Mai + Charlie plays Sin Fang, Seabear, FM Belfast, Pascal Pinon, Bjork, mum, Sóley

  • Saturday 4:00 – 6:00pm


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