1. Wake Up by Epsilon
  2. My Love Story by Baligh Hamdi
  3. Tausend Und Ein Gedanke by Uli Fasold
  4. Same Time Same Place by Tamara
  5. The World Is a Ghetto by George Benson
  6. Tumblers To The Vault by Syrinx
  7. Nobody's Got Time by Eddy Grant
  8. Capriccio by Parlour
  9. Disco Soca (Kalinda) by Joe (Tempo) Ceasar
  10. わたしの広告 by Junko Sakurada 桜田淳子
  11. Love Talkin 'Honey it's You' ''Album Edit'' by Tatsuro Yamashita
  12. Aurora Spinray by Syrinx
  13. Reggae Music (Instrumental Version) by Marionettes
  14. Kibaki by Cos
  15. Cash Flow by Donald & Peggy Knaack
  16. When I'm With You by Sparks
  17. What Am I Gonna Do For Fun by Pitch