1. In a Mess by Kleenex on Liliput
  2. Street Credibility by Family Fodder on Sunday's Girl (Director's Cut)
  3. You're a Million by the raincoats
  4. Vindictive - John Peel BBC Radio 1 Session 1977 by The Slits on The Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit)
  5. Life's A Dirty Rat by The Flesh Eaters on A Hard Road To Follow
  6. Warrior in Woolworths by X-Ray Specs on Germ Free Adolesence
  7. Wig-Wam by Kleenex on Liliput
  8. Man from the Past by Devo on Hardcore Volume 2
  9. Hot on the Heels of Love by Throbbing Gristle on 20 Jazz Funk Greats
  10. Off Duty Trip by The Raincoats on The Raincoats
  11. Forming by The Germs on GI
  12. A Devil in the Woods by The Gun Club on Keats Rides a Harley
  13. Beri-Beri by Kleenex on Liliput
  14. Street Waves by Pere Ubu on Elitism for the People 1975-78
  15. Anatomy is not Destiny by Ludus on The Visit/Seduction (New Hormones 1980/81)
  16. No Love Lost by Joy Division on Substance
  17. Typical Girls - Brink Style Dub by The Slits on Cut (Deluxe Edition)
  18. Round 'n' Round by The Germs
  19. Auto Modown by DEVO on Hardcore Volume 2
  20. Unable by Suburban Lawns on Suburban Lawns
  21. Catholic Sex by Throbbing Gristle on Journey Through a Body
  22. Cerf Volant by Family Fodder on Monkey Banana Kitchen