The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Lucky+Love & DJ Misanthropia Narcissus (Detroit) 4/2/19


  1. Digging In The Earth by Lucky+Love on Lucky+Love (2017)
  2. Shout by Scandroid on Scandroid (2016)
  3. Peekaboo by Siouxsie And The Banshees on Peepshow (1988)
  4. Wasteland by Mission UK on God's Own Medicine (1986)
  5. Fripp by The Catherine Wheel on Chrome (1993)
  6. Soul Alive by Lucky+Love on Transitions (2019)
  7. Going Red by Kanga on Kanga (2016)
  8. Neon Dominion by Sirus on Neon Dominion (2016)
  9. Black Plague by Vomito Negro on Black Plague (2017)
  10. Killer by Noisuf-X on Invader (2018)
  11. Funeral In A Botanical Garden by Noire Antidote on Negative Etiquette (2018)
  12. Dangerous Run Away by Lucky+Love on Transitions (2019)
  13. Surrender by VR Sex on Human Traffic Jam (2019)
  14. Rituals And Tradition by Angels Of Liberty on Touch the Daemon (2014)
  15. Like Cockatoos by The Cure on Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (1987)
  16. Dancing Alone Again by Lucky+Love on Transitions (2019)