The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ DJ Julian & DJ Darquedesmodus (Kansas City) 3/26/19


  1. The Devils In the Chemicals (Terrorfakt Mix) by Ego Likeness on Compass EPs
  2. Tonight by More Machine Than Man on Binary Sex
  3. The Outside by Abbey Death on Realignments
  4. Call To The Grave (Feat. Kanga) by Deathface on Cry For Black Dawn
  5. Degrade by 3TEETH on
  6. Hante by Respect on Fierce
  7. Hey Christian God by Snog on Dear Valued Customer
  8. Antibody by Aesthetic Perfection on 'Til Death
  9. Falling by Informatik on Arena
  10. Take Over by Standalone on Obey The Noise V3 Compilation
  11. Isolate by Paradise Lost on Symbol Of Life
  12. Dear World by Nine Inch Nails on Not the Actual Events
  13. Voices Carry by Adoration Destroyed on Ritual Damage
  14. She's Not There by Neco Case & Nick Cave on True Blood Season 3 Soundtrack
  15. The Day That David Bowie Died by David J And Federale
  16. She Thinks My Hearse Is Sexy by Goth Brooks on Moonshine And Mascara
  17. Sugar by Editors on The Weight of Your Love
  18. Cavity by Christian Death on Only Theatre Of Pain