The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/Davey and Sage! 3/19/2019


  1. Kill The Pain by S Y Z Y G Y X on Is That All There Is (2019)
  2. Come Closer by Boy Harsher on Careful (2019)
  3. RESPECT by Hante. on FIERCE (2019)
  4. The Missing Part by Fragrance. on Now That I'm Real (2019)
  5. Polar by Ginevra on single (2014)
  6. Lost and Haunted by Mephisto Walz on unreleased (2019)
  7. Strange Harvest (acoustic version) by Tempers on Services (2015)
  8. New Mind (acoustic) by Swans on unknown (1987)
  9. Feel by Supernova 1006 on Supernova 1006 (2016)
  10. Winter by Otzi on Ghosts (2017)
  11. Floor by Them Are Us Too on Amends (2018)
  12. Unity Of Light by Deathtrippers on Deathtrippers (2017)
  13. Áine's Song by Creux Lies on The Hearth (2018)
  14. We Don't Have To Dance by ACTORS on It Will Come To You (2018)
  15. I Vant To Suck Your Cock by H.U.N.X. on single (2012)
  16. Dead Is Better by Double Eyelid on single (2012)
  17. Orphans Of The Smog by Death Of Lovers on Acrobat (2017)
  18. Phantom Heart by LEATHERS on single (2019)
  19. Santuary by Vex on Sanctuary (1984)
  20. All We Ever Wanted Was Everything by Bauhaus on The Sky's Gone Out (1982)