Road Trip Playlist

I made myself a mix to drive down to LA, so I decided to share it with you!

Some stuff we heard before, but mostly pop we haven't!

Thanks for listening!


  1. Love's Magnitude by Yokosuka Masami on Love's Magnitude (Warner Records)
  2. TOWN by Minako Yoshida on MONSTERS IN TOWN (Alfa)
  3. わがまま MY LOVE by Seiji Satoshi on Cinderella Liberty
  4. Atai no natsuyasum by Miyuki Nakajima on 36.5 C
  5. Break
  6. あなたを旅して by Yukiko Ebina on Lucky Girl (Canyon)
  7. Sentimental Metallic Night by スターボー Starbow on STARBOW I (Vivid Sound Corporation)
  8. Driving My Love by Anri on Timely!! (For Life Records)
  9. LAW OF NATURE by Taeko Onuki on Sunshower
  10. All Or Nothing by Takako Mamiya on Love Trip
  11. Perushan Rouge by Yuko Kawai on Insomnia
  12. I'm In Love by Aru Takamura on Aru First
  13. Break
  14. Lady Sunshine by Anri on Bi・Ki・Ni
  15. Love Is The Competition by Hitomi on Next Door
  16. Another Face by Itoh Kazue on Another Face
  17. Dancin' by Junko Ohashi on Magical (Phillips)
  18. LOVE by MASH on MASH
  19. Break
  20. ADVENTURE by Momoko Kikuchi on ADVENTURE
  21. 悲しみがとまらない by Anri on Timely!!
  22. 少女A by 中森明菜 on Shoujo A 少女A
  23. 今夜はLONELY by Pink Lady on SUSPENSE
  24. Reflex by Taeko Rei on Taeko (Continental)
  25. エキゾチック横顔 by Hitomi on Next Door
  26. Break
  27. 今は平気よ by Yoshiko Miyazaki on Mellow
  28. mystical composer by kikuchi momoko on Adventure (VAP)
  29. Taxi Man by Yurie Kokubu on Relief 72 Hours (Air)
  30. In the morning by 中山美穂 on 人魚姫~mermaid~
  31. (Summer Breeze) サマーチャンピオン by Yuko Asano on Best Hits (RCA)
  32. S-O-O-N by 岡崎友紀 on SO MANY FRIENDS