Episode 34: Pop for Summer!

It's not quite Summer, but it's starting to feel like it!

Kick back with a popsicle and relax to these upbeat city pop songs! (And regular pop too!)


  1. My Sugar Babe by Tatsuro Yamashita on Ride On Time! (Air Records)
  2. Topaz's kiss by Taeko Rei on Taeko (Continental)
  3. KISS THE NIGHT by Chisato Moritaka on Miha (Warner Bros. Records)
  4. Emotion by Meiko Nakahara on GOLDEN☆BEST (Eastworld)
  5. 1984 by Junko Yagami on COMMUNICATION (Moon Records)
  6. Jealousy by Kunio Muramatsu on Green Water (Japan Records)
  7. Rush Hour by Toshiki Kadomatsu on Weekend Fly To The Sun (RCA)
  8. Communication by Junko Yagami on COMMUNICATION (Moon Records)
  9. One Way Street by Miki Matsubara on The Premium Best (Canyon)
  10. Thinking Of You by Yasuha on Golden Best (Polydor)
  11. Summer Focus by Anri on Bi・Ki・Ni
  12. Let's Boyhunt by Seiko Matsuda on Snow Garden (CBS/Sony)
  13. I Should Go Away by Hideki Saijo on 33才 (RCA)
  14. Ju chīmu 〜 kanashimi no mieru mado 〜 by Akemi Ishii on Mona Lisa (CBS/Sony)
  15. YOKOHAMA ONE NIGHT by 森高千里 on Miha
  16. Magical Moonlight by 上田浩恵 on Magical Moonlight
  17. 人魚姫~mermaid~ by 中山美穂
  18. Back To The City by 円道一成 on Try Again
  19. Natsunoyūwaku by Hideki Saijo on 33 años
  20. ユー・メイク・ミー・ハッピー (You make me Happy) by Akemi Ishii on Mona Lisa